Heritage Chinese

Heritage Chinese classes are for students from Chinese speaking families.

Confucius Chinese Classes

Chinese as second language is a Chinese class for students from non‐Chinese speaking families to learn Chinese culture and Chinese language.

Singapore Math

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Traditional Chinese Art Classes

Calligraphy is an important part and essence of traditional Chinese culture. It is the artistic form of Chinese writing characters, and blends several traditional fonts, such as regular script, seal script, official script, cursive hand and running hand.

Why Singapore Math?

Strong Visualization and Modeling

One huge appeal of Singapore Math is the use of pictorial representations. Students are introduced to concepts in a three-step approach, Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (C-P-A) representation. In lower elementary, students learn the number bond, which is a pictorial representation of part-part-whole relationship between numbers before learning addition or subtraction.

In upper elementary levels, students tackle challenging word problems through a heuristic called Bar Modeling. In this technique, problems are broken down into visual representations, where student conceptualize and strategize solutions to complex problems without formal instruction to algebra. It is widely acknowledged as the key to Singapore Math’s success, where students gain strong algebraic thinking from an early start.