• Who can come to MICS?
    We welcome everyone who is interested in learning Chinese and Chinese culture. MICS provide classes from preschool (4 years old) to Grade 10, as well as adults.
  • Why is it important for my children to learn Chinese?
    In today’s global landscape, China is one of the largest economies in the world, growing faster than any other. With over 1.3 billion Chinese speakers, fluency in Chinese will provide your children with a competitive advantage in business, engineering, and the sciences.”
  • Did you know that most students in China are learning English from very early age?
    In recent years, Chinese has become a very popular language to learn in Minnesota public schools. At present, this is typically provided at the high school level. It is never too early to expose your children to Chinese. MICS provides a great opportunity to learn Chinese at any age!
  • Why MICS ?
    MICS has the strongest Chinese educators in the Twin Cities. Each of our instructors are current Chinese teachers at Minnesota public and private schools. They are native Chinese speakers equipped with state of art foreign language pedagogy and practice strategies to learn Chinese.
  • What kind of Chinese you are teaching?
    For speaking, we teach Mandarin Chinese, which is the official language in Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore and the overseas Chinese community. For writing, we teach simplified Chinese characters.
  • Is it too late to enroll my child for next year?
    MICS accepts applications for students on a continuous basis throughout the year.
  • What level should my child enroll?
    If it is your child’s first time learning Chinese, they will be placed at a beginning level. If your child has prior experience with Chinese before, they will take a placement assessment then be placed in an appropriate class.
  • Can students do homework by themselves, if the parents don’t know Chinese?
    Homework is a carry-on from what students learn in the classroom. Students should be able to finish their homework independently. Also, the teachers will check and review the homework during next class. This will help the teachers assess students’ progress, and also provide the students an opportunity to ask questions and review from the previous lesson.
  • How do you help non-heritage families integrate into the Chinese community?
    MICS has four community building events during the school year: Fall field trip, spring sports meet, Chinese New Year’s celebration and summer graduation party. These events will help non-heritage families learn more about Chinese culture and provide opportunties to become more involved into the Chinese community.
    MICS welcomes parent involvement in our school. Through volunteer services, parents will have more opportunities to get to know others at MICS.
  • If I miss a class, where can I get help?
    You don’t need to worry about missing one class. You can contact the teacher and get the materials for independent study. Also, a tutor service will be available on a per-fee basis. You can e-mail info@mnChinese.org to request a tutor service.