English Writing 英文写作


  • Elementary Grade 3-5  小学 五年级  Sat 19:00-19:50
  • Middle School Grade 6 -8 初中 八年级 Sat 20:00-20:50
  • High School Grade 9-12 高中 九年级以上  Sat 21:00-21:50
导师 Teacher: Karl M. Bunday

Graduated from University of Minnesota, College of Liberal Arts, and Law School , Mr. Karl M. Bunday had elective courses in linguistics, technical vocabulary, library science, bibliography, and teaching English as a second language. He is a Free-lance Writer since August 1992, and wrote articles published in national homeschooling magazines. He still maintains award-winning World Wide Web site.

Mr. Bunday has professional experience in curriculum development, adaptive teaching of mathematics and English writing, and coaching competition teams. He also has volunteer experience in coordinating youth competition teams in mathematics and soccer. Previous professional experience in manuscript editing, legal analysis, research, writing, and computer operation on editorial teams.