Our Mission

The mission of the Minnesota International Chinese School is to develop lifelong learners and equip our learners to become 21st-century global citizens by carrying forward the Chinese language and culture in this diverse world.

Our Vision

The Minnesota International Chinese School is a welcoming community that embraces diversity in the school community. Our school staff members inspire and nurture all learners in exploring the beauty of the Chinese language and culture. Also, our school staff and our learners are committed and devoted to various community involvements in different occasions

Our Values

We strongly believe that the following values impact the journey of students’ Chinese learning.

  • It is essential to foster a trusting and nurturing relationship between students, parents, staff, volunteers, and community.
  • It is our responsibility to provide a safe and inspiring learning environment for our learners that links learning to real-life experiences.
  • Lessons, delivered by caring, experienced teachers, strive and inspire students to gain a better knowledge of the Chinese language as well as grow a better understanding of Chinese culture.
  • Collaboration and teamwork ensure success.
  • Parent partnership is the key for his/her child’s education.
  • Celebration of learning via different school activities and events motivates students’ learning and encourages their future success.
  • We offer various enrichment classes, such as math, crafts, kids drawing, Chinese painting, calligraphy, chess, as well as children and adult choirs for our learners to explore in depth different aspects of the Chinese culture.