Fundraiser Supports Local Restaurants amid Covid-19 Fears

The Minnesota International Chinese School (MICS) is partnering with the Chinese American Chamber of Commerce – MN (CACC-MN) and the Council for US-China Medical Technology Exchange, LLC (CUCMT) on a community fundraiser to benefit local restaurants and the fight against the coronavirus in China. Many local restaurants have pledged to donate a portion of their revenue from certain days to the fundraiser, titled In the Name of Love, which will use those funds to purchase much-needed medical supplies for hospitals on the front lines in China. The fundraiser is currently set to run until March 13th, with different restaurants participating each day.

With the outbreak of Covid-19 originating in Hubei Province, China, people across the country are on edge about the potential spread of the virus in America. This is true also of our communities in Minnesota, even though there are no confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the state. This is affecting our friends in service industries like restaurants, who are seeing their business drop amid concerns over the virus. Dominic Dwyer, a medical virologist at Westmead Hospital in Sydney, has said that the only risk of viral infection from eating at a restaurant is if one of the people you’re eating with is currently sick. “Generally, we say you’ve got to be within a meter or two, perhaps a bit more, of people with a disease to catch it,” he says. “It doesn’t make sense to think that you could get infected in the restaurant when the infection, as far as we’re aware, isn’t in the community.”

To show solidary with local communities and those fighting on the front lines in China, the In the Name of Love fundraiser is working to encourage support of our local restaurants while raising funds that will be used to help stop the spread of the virus at its source. The restaurants that have pledged to donate a portion of their revenue are listed below, along with the dates they are participating. Collected funds will be used to purchase medical devices like oxygen concentrators, which are needed to provide oxygen to patients in severe cases of Covid-19, no-touch infrared thermometers, medical protective clothing, full face respirators and more.

More information can be found at and the Minnesota International Chinese School Facebook page. These pages will be updated regularly with information about the fundraiser, sponsoring organizations and ways to donate. So far, just 2nd week into the fundraiser, 30 medical-grade oxygen concentrators have already been purchased with donated funds and sent to hospitals in Wuhan. 5 out of the 30 oxygen concentrators have arrived at designated hospitals and community medical service centers. Please come out to support your local restaurants on days they are participating to make a difference in the local community and the global effort against Covid-19!

Participating restaurants and dates