Heritage Chinese (Preschool thru AP levels)

Our Heritage Chinese Program is for students already have some degree of exposure to Chinese Language and like to continue to build their listening and speaking skills, reading comprehension and writing skills in depth. 

We are proud to claim that our school was the first Saturday Chinese school in Minnesota to adopt the simplified edition of MeiZhou Chinese for our Heritage Chinese program.

MeiZhou Chinese, carefully designed by an experienced veteran Chinese teacher, is based on the learning environment and language background of American-born Chinese students. With fun and interesting features, the students will learn the Chinese language and culture in a meaningful and instructive way. The materials also provide many resources for students and parents to use as supplements. MICS also offers an AP Chinese class for students in grades 8 to 12 who already possess knowledge of the Chinese language, but would like to further refine their vocabulary, auditory, and literacy skills for their future studies. Our instructor will assist the students in preparing for the advanced placement tests and provide training for them in responding to a required one-minute oral test in order to receive a high score on the test. In addition, the instruction will be delivered using authentic texts to help students gain a better understanding of the Chinese culture for the AP tests.