Kid Drawing 儿童画

Time:  Saturdays 12:15-13:05

Every child is a master of children’s drawing! Kids’ drawings not only reflect the level of children’s psychological development, but also promote the mental growth of children. Painting plays an important role in promoting the development of children’s perception, memory, imagination and creative thinking. Under the guidance of our great teacher,  you will find the fun for painting together!

每个孩子都是儿童画大师!儿童绘画在反映儿童心理发展水平的同时也同样促进着儿童心智的成长。绘画对儿童的感知能力、记忆能力、想象能力和创造性思维的发展起着重要的促进作用。在专业老师的辅导下, 让我们一起感受孩子们的绘画热情吧!