TIME上课时间:  Saturday 14:15-15:05 (50 mins)

Coach: Ashton Jin

Decades of research demonstrate that playing chess improves students’ social skills, memory, spatial skills, numerical abilities, verbal aptitude, creative thinking, problem solving, IQs, and reasoning skills. While learning and playing chess in an academic

setting provide a fun, engaging exercise in strategic thinking, the most exciting finding that emerges time and time again is that these brain building benefits stick and support learners long after the chess boards have been put away.  Numerous studies suggest that the thinking skills fostered through the chess curriculum are effectively transferred, leading to overall improvements in players’ test scores and school achievement.

几十年的研究表明,下棋能提高学生的社交能力、记忆空间技术、数字能力、语言能力倾向、创新思维、 解决问题的能力,智商和推理能力。学习和下棋的学术设置提供了一个有趣的,战略参与演习的想象,最令人兴奋的发现,坚持学习象棋有利于脑益建设。